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    Electric Blanket Guide

    Electric Blanket Guide

    09 Oct 2023

    As the colder months approach, you might find yourself seeking additional warmth in your home. One convenient and cost-effective solution to keeping snug and comfortable during those chilly nights is an electric blanket. These innovative bedding accessories are designed with built-in electrical heating elements, providing controlled warmth to suit your preferences.

    Electric blankets come in various styles and sizes, typically featuring adjustable temperature settings for your desired level of warmth. From cosy heated throws to underblankets, there is a variety on offer to suit your needs and your home's aesthetic. 

    Investing in a high-quality electric blanket not only ensures a warm and comfortable sleep, but can also prove to be energy-saving in the long run. 

    Why Choose an Electric Blanket

    During cold months, an electric blanket can be your best companion, providing you with extra warmth that's hard to achieve with a regular blanket. They're energy-efficient, typically costing very little to run, and may even save you money on heating bills in the long run.

    Electric blankets offer various benefits to your well-being. The warmth they provide can help ease muscle tension, improve blood circulation, and increase overall comfort during sleep. With adjustable heat settings, you can customise your sleep environment to your liking, ensuring a cosy and restful night.

    Safety features are now included in many electric blankets, such as overheat protection and auto-shutoff functions. Furthermore, electric blankets are now machine washable, making care and maintenance easy. Just follow the care instructions provided with your blanket to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

    Electric Blanket Fundamentals

    When you start using an electric blanket, it's important to understand its fundamental aspects. An electric blanket contains built-in electrical heating elements, which generate controlled heat to keep you warm. You can adjust the temperature settings to achieve your desired level of warmth.

    One type of electric blanket that offers versatility and style is the heated throw. These blankets can be used on your sofa or as an extra layer on your bed. 

    When selecting an electric blanket, consider factors such as care instructions, price, and the type of blanket that best suits your needs. You should ensure that you follow the care instructions to make it last as long as possible. This might include washing it on a gentle cycle and avoiding bleach or other harsh chemicals.

    Here are some key points in choosing an electric blanket:

    • Type: Heated throw, heated mattress cover, or heated pad
    • Materials: Different fabric options
    • Size: Choose the appropriate size for your bed or sofa
    • Temperature Settings: Adjustable settings for personal preference
    • Safety Features: Overheat protection and other safety standards

    Remember to research different types of electric blankets and their uses before making a purchase. Consider factors such as how you will use the blanket – for example, on the sofa or on your bed – and what safety features are important to you. This way, you can find the most appropriate electric blanket for your comfort and warmth needs.

    Types of Electric Blankets

    There are different types of electric blankets available on the market, offering various features and benefits to suit your needs. In this section, we will discuss three main types of electric blankets: underblankets, overblankets, and throw blankets.


    Underblankets are designed to be placed between your mattress and your bedsheet, providing warmth from below. These are ideal for maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night, ensuring that you stay comfortable and cosy. Underblankets are typically available in standard bedding sizes and can be fitted with elasticated straps or corner ties to hold them securely in place on your mattress. The Downland Huggleland range comes in three sizes: single, double and king. We recommend that you position your underblanket centered on your bed.

    Most underblankets come with adjustable heat settings, and some also have timers or auto shut-off features, offering you greater control over your comfort level.

    underblanket sizes
    Under Blankets


    Overblankets, as the name suggests, are used on top of your bedsheet or inside your duvet cover, providing warmth from above. They can be used in place of a duvet or as an additional layer for those especially cold nights. Like underblankets, overblankets are also available in standard bedding sizes and come with numerous settings, allowing you to customise the heat level to suit your preferences. Some over blankets also include a dual control feature, enabling partners to set their preferred temperature independently.

    Throw Blankets

    Throw blankets are a versatile option that can be used both on your bed and around your home. These decorative blankets can be draped over your sofa or armchair to provide an extra layer of warmth when relaxing on chilly evenings. They are often made with plush, soft fabrics and can be found in a range of colours and patterns to suit your décor. Heating elements within throw blankets work similarly to those in under and over blankets, radiating warmth throughout the fabric. Many throw blankets also come with adjustable heat settings and other handy features, allowing you to personalise your experience for maximum comfort.

    electric blanket throw

    Key Features of Electric Blankets

    Heat Settings

    Electric blankets come with various heat settings that allow you to adjust the temperature to your preference. This feature helps maintain an optimal level of warmth for your comfort. Most electric blankets offer multiple heat settings, ranging from low to high. It is common to find blankets with three or more heat settings. Choosing a blanket with more settings gives you greater control over your comfort.

    Timer Functionality

    A timer function is another useful feature in electric blankets today. It allows you to set a specific time for the blanket to turn off automatically. This feature is beneficial as it ensures the blanket does not overheat, and it helps conserve energy by not running continuously throughout the night. 

    Automatic Shut-off

    To enhance safety and energy efficiency, many electric blankets come with an automatic shut-off feature. This feature detects when the blanket has reached a certain temperature or has been on for a certain duration and automatically turns the heat off. Automatic shut-off is a crucial feature to look for in an electric blanket as it helps prevent overheating and potential hazards.

    Understanding Safety Standards

    When selecting an electric blanket, it is crucial to understand the safety standards and follow proper guidelines for use. Doing so will ensure that you can stay warm and comfortable without compromising your safety.

    Remember to always follow the manufacturer's guidelines when using your electric blanket. These guidelines typically suggest that you:

    • Always lay the blanket flat on your bed, without any creases or folds.
    • Never use a hot water bottle and an electric blanket at the same time.
    • Avoid touching the blanket with wet hands or feet.
    • Do not use pins to hold the blanket in place on the bed.
    • Be cautious when using an electric blanket on adjustable beds, and double-check that the blanket and cord are suitable for this type of bed.

    Regular maintenance and inspection of your electric blanket can help prevent potential hazards. Experts advise having your blanket tested by a competent electrician at least every three years, or more frequently if recommended by the manufacturer. Some local councils offer free testing days, and the shop where you purchased the blanket may also provide testing services.

    Finally, never use an electric blanket that shows signs of damage, such as frayed cords, worn fabrics, or exposed elements. Doing so could lead to potential fire hazards or electric shock. Be proactive in maintaining and properly using your electric blanket, and you'll enjoy a safe and warm winter season.

    electric blanket features

    Energy Efficiency

    Electric blankets are an efficient way to keep warm during the cold season. By using low levels of electricity, they enable you to save on your energy bills while maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the night. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating the energy efficiency of electric blankets.

    Firstly, pay attention to the power input. Most electric blankets come with adjustable heat settings, which allows you to customise the warmth according to your preferences. Higher settings will consume more energy, so be mindful of how you use the blanket. Also, choosing one with an automatic shut-off feature or a programmable timer will help conserve energy when you don't need the blanket's warmth.

    Secondly, consider the blanket's size and thickness. Larger blankets will require more power to heat, so opt for a size that suits your needs and bed dimensions. Additionally, a thicker blanket will retain heat better, potentially allowing you to lower the power input without sacrificing comfort.

    In summary, an energy-efficient electric blanket should have adjustable heat settings and a proper size, as well as features like automatic shut-off and programmable timers. These factors will help ensure that your blanket provides warmth without excessive energy consumption.

    Energy Efficiency of Electric blankets

    Care and Maintenance

    Caring for your electric blanket is essential to ensure its effectiveness and longevity. To maintain your electric blanket, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's instructions and consider some general guidelines.

    When your electric blanket needs a freshening up, it can be machine washed, but make sure the wash settings do not exceed 30°C. A mild detergent will work wonders, ensuring that your blanket remains as plush and soft as the day you got it. If the product is machine-washed, it is advised to use a laundry bag.

    Once washed, don't tumble dry or wring it out. Lay it flat, preferably in a shaded area, and let it air dry. This method maintains its shape and ensures the internal wiring stays intact. Do not hang the blanket in order to dry.

    It's also crucial to store your electric blanket properly when not in use. Fold your blanket neatly, keeping its wires straight and flat, and store it in a cool, dry location.

    By following these care and maintenance tips, you can keep your electric blanket in excellent condition, ensuring that it remains safe, effective, and enjoyable for many years to come.

    Washing Your Electric Blanket

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I choose the best electric blanket?

    To choose the best electric blanket, consider factors such as size, material, heat settings, and safety features. Read customer reviews and compare various models to find the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

    What is the difference between an electric over blanket and an under blanket?

    An electric over blanket is used on top of you, like a normal blanket, while an under blanket is placed between your mattress and fitted sheet. Both provide warmth, but an under blanket tends to heat up the entire bed, while an over blanket focuses on keeping you warm individually.

    How safe are electric blankets for overnight use?

    Modern electric blankets are generally safe for overnight use if they have features like overheat protection, auto shut-off, and a controllable thermostat. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to ensure safe use. If you are still worried, consider purchasing an electric blanket with a timer that turns off the blanket after a certain amount of time.

    What size of electric blanket should I get for my bed?

    Choose an electric blanket that matches your bed size, such as single, double, king, or super king. Ensure it fits securely to your mattress to prevent it from moving during use. Some electric blankets have elastic straps, tie tapes, or elastic skirts for a snug fit.

    How to store an electric blanket?

    To store an electric blanket, unplug it, fold it loosely, and store it in a cool, dry place. Avoid placing heavy objects on top of the blanket to prevent damage to the heating elements. Always follow the manufacturer's storage guidelines.

    How to wash an electric blanket?

    Before washing an electric blanket, check if it is machine washable. If so, remove any cords and controllers, follow the manufacturer's washing instructions, and use a gentle, cool cycle. Make sure the wash settings do not exceed 30°C.

    How long do electric blankets last?

    The lifespan of an electric blanket depends on usage, care, and quality. On average, a well-maintained electric blanket can last from 5 to 10 years. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and storage to prolong its life.

    Do you sleep over or under an electric blanket?

    Electric blankets can be either under blankets, which you sleep on top of, or over blankets, which you sleep underneath. Electric under blankets are placed between your mattress and fitted sheet, while over blankets act like a regular blanket on top of your bedding.

    How hot do electric blankets get?

    The temperature of electric blankets varies depending on the temperature settings, which usually range from 3 to 10. Most electric blankets are designed to provide a comfortable level of warmth to keep you cozy during the night, and some have thermostats for temperature control. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid overheating.

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