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    On Her Majesty’s Sleeping Service 

    04 May 2023

    Throughout the course of Downland’s abundant history, we have had many notable customers enjoying our most luxurious range of pillows, duvets and linens. 

    Amongst two of our most high-profile patrons who have enjoyed an exceptional night’s sleep on Downland’s down pillows were her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. 

    The Queen’s Comfort 

    In the 1970’s, a request came into Downland’s Sales Office for us to supply her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II with a pair of our finest goose down pillows. 

    There was great excitement and pride shown by our staff in producing the pillows which were made with extreme care and under the utmost secrecy. The pillows were hand-filled using the most luxurious down and our best seamstress was awarded the task of finishing the pillows. 

    We asked Graham Smith, what he thought of the day the orders came in: 

    “I can clearly remember the day when our Sales Manager told me that we had been invited to make pillows for the Queen. There was certainly a sense of honour in being asked and a determination to ensure that they were perfect. This feeling of pride was palpable across all the staff and I was tasked with inspecting the pillows before they were packed.” 

    Security was paramount and when a large van came to collect the goods, they were proudly placed on the back of the vehicle. They were the only goods on the van that day which then duly made the journey to London. 

    “It was quite strange seeing one pair of pillows in the back of a large van, but I understood the reasons. I just hope that the Queen, who has served our nation so wonderfully, had many years of quality sleep on our Downland pillows.” 

    Everyone at Downland likes to believe that the bedding was delivered safely to Buckingham Palace and that our beloved Queen had many years of quality rest sleeping on the finest goose down pillows one could imagine. 

    “Thinking about it we should send some to King Charles III to ensure that he sleeps well too!”

    Graham Smith, former Managing Director 

    The Lady’s for Snoozing 

    During the 1980’s, following a request after a great night’s sleep, Downland supplied Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher with two of our best duck down pillows. 

    After staying at Trust House Forte Hotel, the Prime Minister loved the pillows she had slept on, a request shortly came in from the Prime Minister’s Office for Downland to supply the Prime Minister with a pair of pillows of her very own. 

    Back then, as today, Downland supply many of the world’s leading hotel chains with bedding. 

    For a Royal Night’s Sleep 

    At Downland we believe in our motto “sleep well, feel good”, that’s why Downland uses the same high-quality materials to make our pillows to a luxurious high quality ensuring maximum comfort standard now as when Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher would have enjoyed the best night’s sleep. 

    For a pillow fit for a Queen, you can find our range of the best high quality pillows HERE or to learn more about Downland’s rich history in providing high quality bedding spanning three generations, click HERE. 

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