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    How to Fluff a Pillow

    How to Fluff a Pillow

    18 May 2023

    To create the optimal sleeping environment, it’s crucial to have full, fluffy pillows that can properly support your neck and upper body. This is how your pillows should come when they’re brand new; however, with repeated nightly usage, you’ll likely find your pillows becoming flat, misshapen, or lumpy over time. Not only does this impact their comfort and supportive properties, but it can also make your bed appear deflated and lifeless. When your pillows reach this stage, the best solution is to fluff them up.

    There are a few different ways to fluff a pillow and restore it to its former fluffy glory. For everyday fluffing, the most straightforward method is to fluff the pillows by hand; you can hand-fluff a pillow using the ‘accordion’ technique, the massaging technique, or for maximum results, a combination of both. For pillows with more severe compaction, you can run them through the tumble dryer; this method can be further enhanced by placing tennis balls or dryer balls in the drum along with the pillows. An additional low-effort method to fluff and refresh a pillow is to simply leave it outside on a sunny day. We’ll explain each of these techniques in more detail throughout the remainder of this article.


    How Often Should You Fluff a Pillow?

    Ideally, you should fluff regularly-used pillows on a daily basis to keep them in the best condition. As we explain later in this article, daily hand-fluffing is the easiest way to keep your pillows plump and free of compression. Making the effort to fluff your pillows each day is not only beneficial for the sake of your comfort; this is also a key practice in prolonging the lifespan of your pillows.  

    Our Top Tip Before Fluffing Your Pillow

    Remove Pillowcase and Protector

    Before you start fluffing, you should first remove any pillowcases or protectors encasing the pillow. This is important to maximise the effectiveness of the fluffing methods that we’ll go on to discuss in the following methods.

    You can use this opportunity to either wash the cases or replace them with fresh ones. You may also find that the pillow itself has gone yellow, in which case it will require a wash too. As a note, if you don’t already have one, we would recommend investing in a pillow protector; these add an extra layer of protection for your pillows against the impact of daily wear and tear. For instance, our Hotel Quality Quilted Pillow Protector will significantly enhance the comfort of your pillow while preserving its longevity and reducing the need to fluff it as often.


    Best Methods to Fluff Your Pillow

    1. Fluff Pillow By Hand

    The most straightforward way to fluff a pillow is to fluff it by hand. Hand-fluffing on a daily basis will keep your pillows plump and free of compression, meanwhile prolonging their lifespan. There are two particular techniques you can use to hand-fluff a pillow; these include fluffing the pillow using the accordion technique and/or massaging the pillow to fluff it.

    Fluff Pillow Using Accordion Technique: As the name suggests, the accordion technique involves fluffing the pillow using a motion that mimics the playing of an accordion. You simply grasp the pillow at two of its opposing sides to hold it up in the air; then, gently compress and decompress the pillow using the accordion-playing motion. After about 30 seconds, rotate the pillow and repeat this action on the remaining sides.

    Fluff Pillow Using Massaging Technique: If the pillow is particularly lumpy, you may need to take further action to fluff it using the massaging technique. The lumpy feeling is an indication that the pillow’s filling is overly compressed and sticking together. In this case, a deeper massage will be necessary to redistribute the filling, thus removing the lumps. To fluff an overly compressed pillow, identify the areas of compression; then, use a kneading-dough action to massage out the lumps. Combine this with the previous accordion technique to fully restore the pillow’s fluffiness.


    2. Fluff Pillow in Tumble Dryer

    Whether you chose to wash your pillow or not, running it through a cycle in the dryer is a great way to fluff it up. This method is even more effective than hand-fluffing when it comes to restoring your pillows back to their original fluffy texture. You can dry the pillows on their own; alternatively, to maximise the effectiveness of the method, you can add dryer balls or tennis balls to the drum.

    Fluffing Pillows in Tumble Dryer: The simplest way to fluff pillows in the dryer is to place them straight in the dryer. You should add 2 to 4 pillows per cycle, placing them on opposite sides of the drum; this is necessary to keep the dryer drum balanced and spinning properly. You should then run the pillows through the dryer on an appropriate cycle as per the manufacturer’s guidance. If you’re unsure, the best rule of thumb is to go ‘low and slow’, i.e. using a low heat setting to slowly dry the pillows. 

    Fluffing Pillows in Tumble Dryer with Tennis Balls: To further the effectiveness of this method, you can add tennis balls or dryer balls to the dryer. The balls act as an additional physical force upon the pillows; they work like a catalyst to increase the movement within the drum while it’s spinning. As such, this will enhance the fluffiness of your pillows even further once they come out of the dryer. Regular tennis balls will work just fine for this fluffing technique; if you use specialised dryer balls, they will also shorten the amount of time it takes for the pillows to dry.

    3. Fluff Pillow By Leaving it in the Sun

    An alternative low-effort method to fluff a pillow is to leave it outside in the sun. The fresh air will circulate around the pillow, working to naturally fluff up the filling; also, the ultraviolet light of the sun will kill bacteria on the pillow’s exterior. Of course, this method is reliant on a dry sunny day; weather-providing, all you need to do is set your pillows in direct sunlight and leave them there for a few hours. 

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