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    How to be Productive Without Sleep

    How to be Productive Without Sleep

    28 Feb 2022

    Of course, there’s no replacement for seven to nine hours of sleep per night, however, we’ve all suffered the occasional sleep-deprived day. When you’re running on empty, whether it’s because you stayed up or late or because of sleep problems, there a handful of tips to see you through the day. We do recommend that you don’t make a habit of sleep-deprived days. If you have problems with your sleep, you should visit your GP as soon as possible.

    Get out Doors

    Natural daylight naturally reminds your brain that it’s daytime and you should be awake. The bright light prevents your internal  clock from producing melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone that your body naturally produces in the evening.

    Get Active

    Exercise increases the blood through your body and naturally pumps your breathing, therefore sending a more energising oxygen through your body. Whether it’s a brisk walk to grab your lunch or a lunchtime session at the gym, get yourself up and moving.

    Stay Hydrated

    Although an increased intake of fluids won’t necessarily keep you alert (although the increased trips to the toilet will keep you active!), even feeling slightly dehydrated can immediately dampen your mood and leave you feeling much worse than you already do. Try and keep track of your intake of fluids. Experts recommend a pint of water every hour.

    Take a Nap

    Taking a nap shouldn’t be a sign of weakness. In fact, NASA pilots who averaged a 26-minute nap on a cross-ocean flight had a 34% better performance than their non-napping colleagues. However, make sure you that you don’t nap for too long otherwise you could wake up feeling groggy.

    Avoid Multitasking

    Unfortunately, when you’re tired your brain doesn’t operate at 100%. If you’re already feeling tired and fatigued, avoid further tiring yourself out and keep things simple.

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