How to Sleep in the Heat

The UK is currently experiencing that strange period of the year when the sun is out and the temperatures are up. Unfortunately, those luxurious warmer days lead to those uncomfortable summer nights. You know the kind, the constant tossing and turning trying to stay cool, throwing the duvet off only for your partner to pull it back, quite frankly, summer nights aren’t pleasant. If you don’t feel comfortable in your sleeping environment, you’re not going to experience a good night of sleep that your body craves. Thankfully there are steps you can take to improve your sleep in the summer heat, and we’ve got the best of the bunch below!

Take Pre-Emptive Action

If you’re aware of the approaching warmer weather, you must remember to do whatever you can during the day to prevent a build-up of heat in the bedroom. Keep any blinds or curtains closed during the day, this will prevent the sun shining through and heating your room like a greenhouse. If you have any windows which face the shade throughout the day, keep these ones open to allow a breeze into the house. If you’re adamant that you want to keep the sun away, put some tinfoil on your windows to reflect the rays of the sun away. If the temperature is still warm at night, open your windows to let some fresh air in. 

Sleep Like an Egyptian

If there’s one thing that the Egyptians should be experts in, it’s keeping cool during the heat. If you’re not privy to the “Egyptian Method“, it involves wetting a sheet or bath towel that is large enough to cover your bed and placing it over your body as you sleep. It is important to ensure that the sheet is not dripping wet, a damp sheet will suffice.

Head, Hands, and Feet

If you don’t want to go through the effort of the Egyptian Method, then you might want to think about these. Your head, hands, and feet are the areas of the body which lose the most heat, just think about the areas you cover most during in winter.

To stay cool, splash cold water across your head, hands, and feet before going to bed. If it’s easier, place your feet in a bowl of cold water, as opposed to simply splashing them.

If you have a hot water bottle, fill it with ice water and place it between your legs or behind your head as you sleep.

Shower Before Bed

A shower before bed is a perfect way to keep cool during the warmer months.  The shower should be cool enough to reduce your body temperature, therefore making you feel cooler as you get into bed.

Tray of Ice in Front of a Fan

Not everyone is lucky enough to have air conditioning. Position a tray of ice in front of a fan and you have your very own DIY air conditioning system. The breeze from the fan will pick up cold water from the surface of the ice, creating a cooling mist.

Replace Your Bedding

Do you know the tog rating of your duvet? We thought not. Many people don’t realise that you should rotate your bedding with the season. The higher the tog rating of your duvet, the warmer you’ll be. You should use a lower tog rating in the summer, such as our 4.5 tog Summer Cool Duvet. We’d also recommend our Climarelle Cool pillows which use NASA inspired technology to actively regulate your temperature whilst you sleep.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 20th July 2016