5 Ways to Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

If you’ve been to university then you’ll understand the struggle of making your uni room feel like home. When you’re handed the keys to your new room, you’re greeted with four blank walls and a bed. That overwhelming feeling of “this is my room for the next 9 months” hits you hard. Thankfully, we’ve been there and experienced that feeling, so we know the steps you can take to make your uni room feel like home.

Change the Bedding

Firstly, you need to dress that student mattress up. Unpack your bedding and put on those favourite sheets. If you’ve bought yourself a fresh new bedding set, even better! Having comforting bedding in a new environment is a big help. If you feel comfortable in your surroundings, you’ll feel much happier. Haven’t purchased new bedding yet? Don’t worry! Why don’t you check out our Back to Uni bundle?

Put up Some Posters and Photos

Now that your bed is made, it’s time to do something with those blank walls. The best way to inject some personality into your bedroom is by putting up some posters and photos. Be careful when you put your posters and photos up, we recommend that you use white tack rather than Blu-tack or pins. You don’t want to leave visible marks on your wall which might upset your university or landlord!

Get Rid of That New Room Smell

Your university bedroom would have been professionally cleaned over the summer, leaving the room smelling less than homely. If your parents use scented candles at home, try and pick up the same scents so that your uni room smells like your home. There also certain aromas that can induce sleep. Scents can immensely boost your mood, therefore it’s important you get your new room smelling nice – don’t become that classic student.

Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows!

We absolutely love pillows, and you should too! Pillows and cushions can create a cosy atmosphere in your new bedroom. They’re perfect to cuddle up to if you’re feeling alone, and they’re also extremely comfortable. Whether you prefer a nice soft pillow or a firm pillow with plenty of support, we have plenty for you to pick one. If you have enough pillows you could even build a pillow fort! Honestly, you’ll become the envy of campus with a pillow fort.

Bond with Your Flatmates

Finally, if you’re going into your first year of university or perhaps you’re a returning student moving into unselected accommodation, the chances are you won’t have met your flatmates before. By far the easiest way of settling in at university is by forming friendships which last a lifetime. You’ll soon find that the easiest form of student bonding is carried out down the local pub, however, there will be times when you need some quiet time, either you’ve been out six nights of the week and you can’t quite handle the looming seventh, or it’s the morning after the night before. Why not spend that downtime with your new flatmates? Grab your duvet and pillows, create a cosy spot and choose some movies to watch. Your uni friends will soon become a family away from home.


Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 12th September 2016