Valentine’s Day

We have some ideas on what you can do for Valentine’s Day however and whoever you choose to spend it with.

Some of us love to spend Valentine’s Day all loved up wrapped up in our own little world with the one we love, for others it can bring no feelings other than dread. Though it is not a day confined only to the couple, it is a day to show any loved one your appreciation for having them in your life!

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Breakfast in bed is a classic. You know better than us your significant other’s favourite breakfast. Though if you want to add that extra personal touch then you can make it match the occasion with simple ideas such as: cut the toast into hearts, cook the egg in a heart shape etc. This is all easily done with a heart shaped biscuit cutter.

egg toast

A cheap and easy but effective option is to place a small hand written message of your choice into their handbag/lunch. There is something special about receiving a handwritten note and it will brighten their day no doubt.


Often going out can be a nightmare, booking tables months in advance, squashed up next to the couple next to you, everyone overhearing each other’s conversations. But don not worry as a night in can be just as romantic. For example you can take your bedding and create a cosy ‘fort’ in the living room where you can sit together with your favourite takeaway watching your favourite film. You’ll soon forget you’re at home!


Sometimes we feel pressured to purchase many expensive gifts for our loved ones, this can be great and they love it! But sometimes the pressure builds and you may buy for the sake of giving a present, this is far from romantic. Making gifts can be just as, if not more, special. We have loads of ideas on our Pinterest page!


Valentine’s Day is not just for the grownups it’s also a day for the whole family to show each other how much they all mean to each other. It is also a great opportunity to do some arts and crafts with the kids which we are sure they will love. We have many ideas for things you can make with them to bring you all closer on this special day.


We all love our friends, they are often the ones keeping us sane when the significant other is driving us mad! Showing them how much they mean to us is important, if you are both single then a friend date night is perfect; though if you are apart even a simple text can be enough to tell them your appreciation.

We hope you have a fantastic Valentines Day! Share with us on Facebook and Twitter your own gift ideas, or if you’ve had a go at any we’ve suggested!

Written by: catherine price Posted on: 10th February 2017