The Downland Roundup

Over the last two weeks, we’ve brought you a range of articles, from explaining togs to discussing the new ‘nap rooms’ which could be set to sweep the office landscape. In case you missed any, we’ve rounded up the best of the bunch and compiled a short roundup. Enjoy!

International Pillow Fight Day

Earlier this month saw the world recognise International Pillow Fight Day. Thousands of people across hundreds of cities around the world gathered together to mark the occasion. The global event organised by The Urban Playground Movement is in its 7th year. Thankfully for us, the BBC were in London to document the featherweight free-for-all.

Spain to End the Siesta

International Pillow Fight Day came at a good time for Spain, who earlier this month announced their intention to abolish the nation’s historical siesta culture. The plan is to shift the countries working hours so that they’re more line with the rest of their European counterparts. If there are any excess pillows remaining in Spain, they could always wait until 2017’s  International Pillow Fight Day!

Why You Should Ban the Snooze Button

How often do you hit the snooze button before getting up in the morning? We looked at the reasons Mayo Clinic professor of medicine and former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Timothy Morgenthaler, gave for avoiding that button. You might want to think again before hitting snooze.

Upcoming Articles

Keep a look out for our upcoming articles where we’ll be looking at, whether or not your sleep position can impact the quality of your sleep, pre-marathon sleep preparation for those running the London Marathon, and we’ll also be looking at #NationalStopSnoringWeek which runs from the 25th April – 29th April! See you again soon.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 15th April 2016