Tips to Improve Sleeping on Holiday

As the holiday season kicks in, many of us will find sleeping on holiday a troublesome task. In our search for golden sands and blue skies, we shouldn’t sacrifice our right for a good nights sleep. From unfamiliar environments, irregular sleeping patterns, and the worst of all, jet lag, we often find our sleeping patterns disrupted whilst away on holiday.  If you suffer from disrupted sleep whilst away, there are some steps you can take to improve your sleep habits.

Use the Bedroom for Sleeping

It might sound silly, however, many of people make the mistake of using their hotel room as the hub of activity. Make sure you use the bed for sleeping and nothing else. Other than sleeping, try and avoid lounging around the hotel room for extended periods of time. Your brain should recognise the bed as a trigger for sleep.

Check the Room Temperature

If your holiday is focussed on chasing the sun, that additional heat which you’re not used to is going to make sleeping on holiday a trouble task. Check the temperature of your hotel room before sleeping. It’s recommended that you sleep with a room temperature between 16°-18°. If you can, keep any curtains and blinds closed throughout the door and keep the window open.

Home Comforts

Sleeping in an unusual bed can be difficult for some. When you’re used to your home comforts, it can take a while to get used to change. Whilst you can’t take your bed on holiday, you can take your pillow. Your pillow is familiar, and it might provide the correct support for you to get a good night of sleep.

Regular Hours

If possible, try and keep regular sleeping hours whilst away on holiday. A sleeping pattern is a proven technique to improve your sleep.

Face Mask and Ear Plugs

The sun rises much earlier in the summer, to prevent any earlier sunshine waking you up, we suggest packing a face mask. If you forget, you can always find them in the airport shops. Likewise, you can block out any unfamiliar noises with the use of ear plugs. Both of these are easy to pack but will help significantly to improve your sleep.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 13th June 2016