Sleeping in the City

Cities around the world continue to see accelerated growth. Young professionals are travelling to the nearest major city in an attempt to kick-start their careers. In order to facilitate the needs and wants of these young hopefuls, city planners continue to build more and more apartment buildings. With these growing city populations, there is an increase in noise and light pollution, even in the evening.

Unfortunately, if you’re a young city dweller focusing on your career, you’re going to want to ensure that you get the sleep that your body needs. It becomes a vicious circle which feeds off of each other. More and more young hopefuls move to the city to focus on their career, in turn, this creates an increase in noise and light pollution which impacts your sleep, however, you can’t focus on your city job from the delights of the countryside.

If you’re in the city, you’re going to want to take as many steps as you can to maximise your sleep. You’ll do well to remember these tips if you’ll be sleeping in the city.

Wear an Eye Mask

Living in a city comes with many benefits, however, one of the downsides that you may not immediately think of is the increased light pollution. If you’re used to country living, you might not be used to the increased light in the evening. We recommend you wear an eye mask if you find that street light has a tendency to light up your bedroom at night.

Close the Window

You might have heard that the city never sleeps, and you’ll soon find that this is the case for all major cities. Whether it’s people talking, taxis beeping their horns, emergency response sirens or planes overhead, you’ve got a lot of noise to deal with. Reduce this noise by closing your windows in the evening. If you’re lucky, you might find that your building is soundproof, a common and very welcome trend for city centre apartments.

Use Earplugs (When They’re Needed)

If you’ve closed the window and you find that the noise is coming from within your building, you might want to try a pair of earplugs. Whilst they might not be the most comfortable thing to use, they do come with extreme benefits. Not only do they work, they’re also affordable. We recommend keeping a pair at hand, just in case.

Read a Book at Bedtime

Living in a city centre comes with a lot of attractions and distractions. Whilst you might be tempted to stay up late and meet up with friends, always create a relaxing atmosphere before bedtime. A great way to wind down in the evening is to read a book. Reading a paperback means your eyes aren’t focussing on a screen which can suppress melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Keep a Sleep Schedule

Although you might want to see what the city has to offer in the evening, try and keep as strict of a sleep schedule as possible, especially in the week. Your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle will adjust to your schedule, meaning that you’ll naturally start to rise at the same time everyday.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 7th September 2016