Get a Good Nights Sleep on Christmas Eve

Any parent with young children will understand the struggle of getting children to bed on time, however, no evening is more difficult than Christmas Eve. As the big day draws closer and excitement builds, you might want to piece together your plan for Christmas Eve. Without a plan of action, a mixture of festive sugar, Santa Claus expectation and raw excitement will ensure that getting more than a few hours of good quality sleep will be an impossible task. As we believe that good days begin with good nights, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve pieced together some of our tips to ensure that all of the family can get some good quality sleep before the big day.

Get Active on Christmas Eve

Ensuring your children receive some form of exercise which exhausts them out, you should find that they fall asleep much easier in the evening.

It’s a known fact that exercise tires you out and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. If you want to improve the chances of the little ones going to sleep at a sensible time, try and keep them active throughout the day. Whether you plan a day trip out, a visit to the park or even a long walk, anything that exhausts the little ones is sure to boost your chances of getting them to sleep before the big day.

Minimise Their Sugar Intake

Try and keep their sugar intake at a normal level throughout the day.

The festive period is viewed as a time to indulge ourselves with a variety of treats. However, try and reduce your children’s intake of these festive goodies close to bedtime so that they don’t spike their blood sugar levels when they’re about to go to sleep.

Reduce Screen Time

Avoid screens an hour before bedtime. Instead, why not opt for a traditional bedtime story?

Although watching Christmas movies together is a family tradition for many, try and avoid screens at least an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from the screens of TV’s, mobiles, tablets, and other gadgets, can suppress the release of your bodies natural sleep hormone, melatonin. Depending on your child’s age, why not read them a bedtime story or listen to an audio-book.

Evening Bath and Warm Milk

A glass of warm milk will help to induce sleep as it aids our bodies production of sleep-inducing hormones.

It’s not to everyone’s taste, however, a glass of warm milk before bedtime is sure to aid your children’s sleep. Milk contains tryptophan, an amino acid that helps you produce serotonin and melatonin, which are sleep-inducing hormones. If your children decide milk isn’t for them, why not try a warm bath. A warm bath relaxes the muscles in our bodies which helps to prepare ourselves for sleep.

Introduce a Present Opening Time

Setting a specific time to open presents will prevent your children waking the house as soon as they’re awake.

If your children are old enough to tell the time, then you might want to introduce a present opening time. It is normal for children to wake up extremely early on Christmas day as a result of raw excitement. Introducing a set time to open presents will prevent your children from waking up the house the moment that they’re awake.


Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 24th December 2016