Signs You Need a Bigger Bed

At Downland Bedding, we believe that good days begin with good nights. As a result, we are constantly looking for ways to improve sleep quality. A common issue is the size of a bed, if you’re sharing your bed with a partner, you might find that you need a bigger size. If you’re not sure if your bed is big enough, here are some of the common indications¬†that you might need some extra space.


A clear sign that you need a bigger bed is if you often find yourself bumping into your partner during the night. Studies show that we change our sleeping position approximately 60 times per night. If you’re a light sleeper, that constant movement of your partner can lead to a sleepless night. A greater concern is that we tend to change sleep position more if we are in closer proximity to our partner. A larger bed which offers more space will certainly lead to a more settled night.

Duvet Snatcher

If you’re partner tends to fidget a lot, there’s a high chance that they could take the duvet with them. There’s nothing worse than waking up shivering in the middle of the night, only to find your partner tucked up nice and warm in the duvet. Remember, we tend to change sleep position more if we’re in close proximity to our partner, therefore increasing the movement of an already fidgety partner!

Cold Feet

Aside from waking up to find your partner hogging the duvet, there’s nothing worse than coming into contact with their cold feet during the night. With a little more distance, you won’t need to worry about receiving that fright in the night!

There Were Three in the Bed

Roll over? No chance! If you have young children, you might find yourself waking up to an additional body tucked up in the bed. Whilst it is not encouraged, letting the little one stay can often mean you get that little bit extra sleep. If you have a larger bed, it’ll mean there’s more space for all.

The Case for Space

If you’re still not sure if your bed is large enough, lie side by side with your partner and place your hands behind your head with your elbows spread out. If you’re elbows don’t touch, you should have plenty of space to sleep. Unfortunately, many modern houses are scuppering the idea of king sized beds in the bedroom. The Royal Institute of British Architects carried out a study – The Case for Space – which highlights the growing problem of restrictive space in the modern home.

If you feel that you suffer many of the common problems above, you might want to think about looking for a larger bed. It is important to remember that a good night of sleep shouldn’t be a luxury.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 8th July 2016