10 Results of Not Getting Enough Sleep

We are all in agreement that adequate sleep is an imperative factor of human life. Unfortunately, many of us push-back sleep – in fact, man is the only mammal to willingly delay sleep.

Why is sleep so important? Here are 10 consequences of not getting enough sleep.

1. You’ll eat more. A recent study found that sleep-deprived subjects, when allowed to eat whatever they wanted, consumed three hundred more calories than when they had adequate sleep, even though they stuck to their normal eating schedule.

2. You may not live as long. Researchers carried out a study which found that women who slept fewer than five hours a night were less likely to live as long as those who got more.

3. You’ll weigh more. If you are consuming more calories every day it is obvious you’ll soon gain weight, but the weight gain is not only caused by what you consume. Research has found that not enough sleep causes stress on the body, which triggers it to slow the metabolism and store fat.

4. It shrinks your brain. A study found that chronic insomniacs had smaller, less-dense brains, which affects crucial parts of their neurological systems like decision-making.

5. It raises blood pressure. Adults who miss an hour of sleep each night for five years end up increasing their risk for hypertension by almost 40%.

6. You’ll get ill more often. Not enough sleep has been proven to leave people susceptible to cold viruses.

7. It can worsen your memory. REM waves which we experience at the beginning of a sleep cycle can boost memory and creativity, if you’ve not had adequate sleep the night before, try a quick power nap to recoup some of your memory skills.

8. You’ll skip workouts. Lack of sleep results in a lack of energy, so you’ll probably lack the energy and motivation to workout. Research has shown that sleep deprivation is a key reason people stay inactive.

9. You’ll be grouchy. Researchers call it “primitive”, but whatever you call it, you won’t be happy. Without sleep, we, revert back to a more primal version of ourselves, meaning we can’t appropriately cope with emotions or respond maturely to situations.

10. You reach potential. Not enough sleep doesn’t make us feel too great. Less sleep means we react slower, we eat more – and quite frankly you just won’t be you!

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 4th May 2016