5 Reasons to Read Before Bed

You might want to switch that television off as it appears that those who read before bed experience significantly more benefits than those who don’t. Although more-and-more people are reaching for an e-reader, there’s nothing quite like turning the pages of a book, especially just before bedtime. Here are # reasons why you should read before bed.

You’ll Experience Better Sleep

Reading a book before bedtime allows your thoughts to drift. You’ll soon find yourself forgetting about the stresses of the day. Easing those tensions allows your mind and body to relax better, resulting in a more restful sleep.

Stress Levels Will Reduce

Studies carried out by the University of Sussex found that stress levels were drastically reduced by reading before bedtime. Volunteers had their stress levels increased by a variety of activities and tests before they were tested by a variety of traditional methods of relaxation. Reading worked best, reducing stress levels by 68%.

It’ll Improve Concentration

The modern world has changed the way we operate. With social media and television, we are constantly trying to stay switched on with everything. Unfortunately, by constantly trying to keep up and process information with the visual aids from social media and television 24/7, we aren’t allowing our brains to concentrate. By reading a traditional paper book, we are allowing our brain to concentrate and process that information without the visual aids.

Cortisol Levels Will Reduce

The stress level, cortisol, isn’t always a bad thing. It helps rouse us in the morning, and it can allow us to overcome acute stress. However, if our cortisol levels remain at a high level, it can cause havoc on the body. High levels of cortisol can cause weight gain, depression and chronic fatigue. Reading before bed can help to lower cortisol levels by reducing stress. Therefore, reading before bedtime will allow us to sleep more soundly.

You’ll Create a Relaxing Environment

What’s the best way to relax and induce sleep during the evening? It’s certainly not by having the TV on blaring out a violent crime movie. The blue light emitted by screens such as your television or mobile can suppress your natural levels of melatonin, the sleep hormone. This is why you should read a book in the evening. You will avoid the blue light emitted by screens and reduce your overall stress levels, therefore resulting in a more relaxing evening of slumber.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 19th August 2016