5 Signs It’s Time for New Bedding

When was the last time you purchased new bedding? Pillows and duvets don’t last forever. According to research, the average Brit keeps their bedding for two years longer than they should. By doing so, many of us are putting ourselves at unnecessary risk of back pains and strains.

Do you ever think about how old your pillows and duvets are? Experts suggest that pillows should be changed every 18-24 months, whilst duvets should be replaced every 5 years. Despite these suggestions, the average Brit keeps them for 3.2 years and 7.6 years, respectively.

What are the warning signs that you need new bedding?

Aches When You Wake

If you feel aches and pains when you wake up, that’s usually a pretty good sign that you need new bedding. If you have no medical issues and you’re suffering from neck and back pains in the morning, you might want to think about changing your pillows.

Your pillows must provide adequate support throughout the night, otherwise, you will wake with a dull ache in the neck.

The Pillow Test

If you’re not sure how old your pillows are, there a couple of simple tests you can carry out to see if they need replacing. To see if there are any lumps, place the pillow on a flat surface and check it for any lumpy clusters of fibre. If you find any lumps which you can’t massage out, it’s definitely time to think about putting it out to pasture.

If you have a natural pillow, fold the pillow in half and let it go. The pillow should slowly regain its normal shape. If the pillow is a synthetic pillow, then it should spring back quickly with ease. Memory foam pillows are a little trickier to determine. Press the pillow on the middle with your hand, when you remove your hand the pillow should return to its normal shape.

If your pillow doesn’t pass these tests, it may be time to start the search for a new pillow. We have plenty to choose from, suitable for a whole range of needs.

Can You Feel The Springs?

It’s one thing waking up with a spring in your step after a good night of sleep, however if you’re waking up with a spring in your back then you definitely need a mattress. Its an inevitable sign of age, after continue usage you will start to feel lumps and bumps across your mattress.

If you can feel the odd bump here or there, then you might want to invest in a mattress topper to add a new lease of life to your mattress. That being said, if you’re mattress is over 10 years old, then you might want to think about investing in a new one.

Night Sweats?

If you’re constantly having your sleep affected by your temperature, then you might want to look into bedding which regulates your temperature as you sleep. Our Climarelle Cool Pillow does exactly that.

The direct result of scientific research inspired by NASA technology, the cooling effect is the result of microencapsulated fibres drawing heat away from the body when the temperature rises.

By remaining more comfortable in bed and reducing night sweats as well as tossing and turning, Climarelle Cool products can provide an improved sleeping environment.

If There’s No Shape, It’s Time for New Bedding

Does your mattress or bedding look like its starting to sag? If the mattress is showing signs of wear and you’re waking up several times in the night, then it’s time to inject a bit of life into it with a mattress topper or a brand new mattress. If the pillows have lost their shape and aren’t as plump as they once were, you should certainly think about new bedding.

The benefits of an improved sleeping environment can be felt by all. An improved sleep can result in us feeling more alert, looking and feeling healthier, as well as feeling more energised for work and pleasure. If you find that you need new bedding, then it’s time for a change – we owe it to ourselves to sleep well. Remember, good days begin with good nights.


Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 1st June 2016