How to Instantly Improve Your Sleep Environment

We’ve all been there, it’s 23:30 on a weekday evening and you’ve got an important meeting in the morning. You scratch your head and wonder why you can’t get to sleep before grabbing your phone for one last browse of social media – that’ll tie you over until you’re tired, won’t it? Actually, experts advise that you ditch your phone an hour before bedtime. The blue light emitted from your phone can actually suppress sleep, so you should put that down. If you want to improve your sleep environment by following other tips, you’re in the right place.

Associate Your Room with Sleep

In order to improve your sleep environment, you need to associate your bedroom with sleep. Anything aside from sleep should be done outside of the bedroom environment. It takes a lot of dedication, however, how do you make sure you stick to your new rules?

Clear the Clutter

A big problem for many people is that they double-up their bedroom. You need to remove anything that can be deemed a distraction. If you’re using your bedroom as an office space, you should think about moving that desk into another room. Likewise, the bedroom shouldn’t be the place to watch TV. If you want to watch your favourite box set, do so in the confines of your living room. Your TV also emits a blue light which suppresses the production of your bodies natural sleep hormone, melatonin. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn off the TV an hour before bedtime.

Remove the Gadgets

Just like the television, gadgets such as mobile phones and tablets emit the same blue light from their screen. Experts advise that you leave mobile phones and tablets out of the bedroom altogether. It’s all too easy to pick-up your mobile for a late night browse of your favourite social media page (did we hear you say, @DownlandBedding?), which means that it’s much easier to remove the distraction from the bedroom as opposed to fighting the instinctive urge.

Keep the Room Dark and Quiet

Light and noise are two common sleep thieves. If you find that outside light often disturbs your sleep, you should think about getting some heavier curtains or blackout blinds for the bedroom. If you’re refusing to ditch the phone from your bedroom, at least flip it over when you go to sleep. If you receive a push notification or a message when you’re trying to sleep, that will often light up your mobile. By flipping it screen side down, you’re reducing the impact of that light.

Likewise, if you’re having issues with noise, it can stop you from falling asleep, or even worse, wake you up. If the issues with noise are out of your control (such as noisy neighbours and traffic), you should pick up a pair of earplugs. Not only are they extremely affordable, they also work!

If earplugs aren’t for you, then you could invest in a sound machine or relaxation app for your phone that plays relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep.

Ensure the Bed is Comfortable

Quite simply, if the bed isn’t comfortable, you’ll have a hard time falling asleep. The answer isn’t always purchasing a new mattress, especially considering new mattresses can be extremely costly. If your mattress isn’t older than 8 to 10 years, you should think about investing in a mattress topper. A mattress topper  can rejuvenate an old and tired mattress at a fraction of the price of a mattress. Similarly, if your pillows are older than 18-24 months, you should certainly think about investing in a new pair. There are many pillows available to suit many wants and needs, which means waking up with a sore neck shouldn’t be an issue to entertain.

If you try and follow these tips, you should certainly see an improvement in the quality of your sleep.


Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 21st September 2016