Global Sleep Facts

Have you ever wondered how people around the world sleep? Our global sleep facts have been compiled from an international poll carried out by the National Sleep Foundation. Whilst you might think that the only difference in sleeping habits is the time that we go to bed, you’d be very wrong.

The study polled individuals in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico,  and the United States. Each individual was between the age if 25 to 55 and was polled on their sleep habits.

Here are some of the interesting facts they found:

1.  Less than half of the respondents in each country are sleeping well every night.

2. The United States and Japan are getting the least amount of sleep overall.

3. Around a quarter of respondents in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada never or rarely slept well before a workday.


4. Americans use more pillows (2.2) than any other country, while the Japanese (1.1) don’t appear to be that fond of them.

5. Bedroom tidiness is important in Mexico, with 82% making their bed every day, and almost one-quarter reported to change their sheets more than once every week.

6. Between 65-80% of people in every country said that they liked to make sure that their bedroom smelled nice, apart from Japan, where only 28% cared about scents in the bedroom.


7. The countries unanimously agreed that the most important aspect of a romantic bedroom is a comfortable sleeping surface and cosy bedding.

8. People in the United States were more likely to sleep with their pets.

9. The most common activity before bedtime was watching TV.

10. Over 86% of every country agreed that quietness at bedtime created a more relaxing sleeping environment.

Written by: catherine price Posted on: 25th July 2016