Are Electric Blankets Safe for Children?

It’s official, autumn is here and winter is coming. As the temperature falls and the leaves crunch underfoot, you might be thinking about digging out that higher tog duvet and the electric blanket. However, every winter the same question arises; are electric blankets safe, and more importantly, are electric blankets safe for children?

There has always been concern regarding the use of electric blankets when pregnant, however, research indicates that use while pregnant is fine. That said, experts recommend that you avoid using an electric blanket during the first seven weeks of pregnancy. They should also be avoided during the later weeks in case of waters breaking early.

Regarding the use of electric blankets by children, it is perfectly safe if you take the necessary safety precautions to ensure your child’s safety.

When buying for children, always ensure that the electric blanket is new and comes with the appropriate certifications which document that the product complies with relevant safety regulations. You might want to spend a little more on your child’s electric blanket than you would your own, as ensuring that the relevant safety features are included in the product can push the price up.

If possible, try and look for a low voltage electric blanket. The lower voltage lowers the risk of overheating and reduces the fire risks. A blanket which uses 25 volts as opposed to 120 volts will also use less electric, therefore you will also spend less on your electric bill.

Some blankets include an automatic shut-off feature or timer. If you’re buying for your child, you should certainly try and find a blanket with these features included.

Finally, always remember that electric blankets should not be left on whilst you are out of the house. It is also advised that children do not sleep with the blankets on, rather use the electric blanket to warm the bed up just before bedtime.


Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 26th September 2016