Downland Roundup June Edition

You’ll be glad to know that the Downland Roundup June Edition is packed full of content. For many of us June is the start of the holiday season. Thousands of us board planes in search of sandy beaches and blue skies. June is also the month of music festivals and for 2016, the UEFA Euro Competition! For those very reasons, our blog was packed full of tips on how to sleep whilst travelling, offering an insight into the sleeping patterns of footballers ,and even helpful advise on surviving musical festivals (there comes a time in every festival goers life where they just need to call it a day and rest their head!). Don’t worry if you missed any of it,  we’ve compiled all of the highlights below – enjoy!

Tips for Sleeping at a Music Festival

Sleeping at a music festival might not be too common, however, a good nights sleep will result in finding yourself feeling replenished and ready to soak up all of the events of the upcoming day. If you have any music festivals lined up, you might want to read this short guide to improve your chances of sleeping at a music festival.

Sleeping Tips for Travelling

It’s that time of year again when the search for sand and sun begins. Unfortunately, that search for sun can bring with it some long-haul flights. If you want to minimise the disruption to your sleep pattern whilst travelling, you should follow our travelling tips.

Footballers Sleeping Habits

With the start of the UEFA European Championship, we took a look at the sleeping habits of professional footballers. You wouldn’t believe how modern football scrutinises the smallest of details. If you’re looking to compete to your full potential, or you simply want to feel more energised throughout the day, we recommend you read up on the sleeping habits of the professionals.

Sleep Better During Menopause

Do you wish you could sleep better during menopause? Menopause can change numerous levels of hormones which can wreak havoc on your sleep. As a result of disrupted sleep, you can start to feel exhausted, suffer mood swings, impact your confidence, and even cause breakouts of the skin. Thankfully there’s plenty of steps you can follow to improve the quality of your sleep. If you want to find out more, you should certainly read our guide on bettering your sleep during menopause.

Upcoming Articles

If you enjoyed the Downland Roundup June Edition, keep an eye on our blog as we’ve got some extremely useful articles coming up. We’ll be looking at the impact stress can have on sleep, which night Britons get the most sleep, and many more interesting and helpful articles.


Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 29th June 2016