Downland Roundup August Edition

August has been an exciting month for our blog, which means that the Downland Roundup August Edition is full of pieces for you to catch up on. August saw the start of an extremely successful Olympics for Team GB, and we looked at the sleep habits behind that success. Not only did we look at the sleep habits of professional athletes, we also took a look at how sleep can make you smarter, why you should read before bed, as well as the myths and superstitions surrounding sleep. As we creep into September and another year of studies start for students up and down the British Isles, we also took a look at the revolutionary new sleep pattern which is proven to improve learning. Enjoy!

The Sleep Habits of Professional Athletes

One of our earlier articles of the month took a look at the sleep habits of professional athletes. The Olympics of 2016 was hugely successful for Team GB, and you can be sure that sleep played an integral part in the success. If there’s something that we can learn from these athletes at the top of their game, it’s that a good night of sleep is imperative to reaching your ultimate potential. If you want to realise your potential in work or even in your own sporting activities, you might want to replicate the sleep arrangements of professional athletes.

Can Sleep Make You Smarter?

When you wake up after a good night of sleep, you instantly feel refreshed, however, can sleep make you smarter? It is an argument that German researchers believe they have backed up with a recent study. With September looming and another year of studies about to begin, you might want to take a look if you’re about to return to your studies.

5 Reasons to Read Before Bed

Not only is reading hugely enjoyable, it appears that those who read before bed experience significantly more benefits than those who don’t. If you want to improve your sleep by creating a healthier sleep environment, you might want to pick up that novel you’ve been meaning to read.

Sleep Myths and Superstitions

Have you ever thought that those bedtime facts might be myths and superstitions? Many of us hear the same statements regurgitated by different sources down the years, why would we question a statement which appears to be common knowledge? You might be surprised to hear that a number of the popular bedtime tales are indeed myths and superstitions rather than facts.

The Sleep Pattern That Improves Learning

As September looms, those returning to their studies might want to take an interest in this particular article. New scientific research indicates that there is a particular sleep pattern that improves our learning. You might want to banish those all-nighters in the library for a healthier balance of work and sleep.

Upcoming Articles

If you’ve enjoyed the articles from August, you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve got plenty more for September! For those off to university in September, keep an eye out for our house share survival guide as well as tips on how to make your uni bedroom feel like home. Not only that but we also look at why we love pillows (and you should too!), as well as how you can solve the biggest problems with sleep. See you soon!

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 31st August 2016