The Best Night for Sleep

We’re officially at the midway point of the week, and with the weekend almost coming into sight, you might be looking forward to an extra hour in bed this weekend.

You might, however, have woken up this morning feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.  That’s because researchers have found that Britons get their best sleep on a Tuesday night.

Although Tuesday is not the night when most people get their longest sleep, an analysis of heart rate data has found that it is the most refreshing and restorative sleep of the week.

Unfortunately, experts aren’t sure as to the reasons why Tuesday is the best night of sleep, however, it is thought that nights at the start of the week are less likely to be disturbed by hangovers or rich foods which are usually consumed later in the week.

Further studies have found that men and women are more likely to sleep longest on a weekend, enjoying a further 30 minutes in bed on a Saturday and Sunday. However, this sleep is of lower quality as the research finds that our bodies are not physiologically recovering.

Although people rest for longer over the weekend, there is a difference between rest and restoration. If you are out partying  and enjoying the weekend, your body can’t physiologically recover. The studies found that only 48% of Saturday night and 48.7% of Friday night’s sleep revitalises the body and brain.

Sleep patterns earlier in the week tend to be more restorative, with a recorded fall in blood pressure and stress hormones, the research found that 55.1% on Tuesday nights and 54.6% on Monday nights were deemed to be rejuvenating.

The data was collected by Firstbeat, a Finnish data analytics company, with readings taken from heart rate monitors worn by 4,866 men and women for three consecutive days over a 10 year period.

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Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 6th July 2016