The £197 per Night Hotel Room with 0 Stars

If the fast-paced city life is getting to you, you might be thinking about an extended weekend away. For $260 (£197) per night you can sleep under the stars in the Swiss Alps. Quite literally. The £197 gets you an open-air hotel with a double bed, plump pillows, a sumptuously soft duvet, and two side tables with sidelights. There’s no toilet, however, as one of the owners says “If nature calls, you can use the nature around you.”

The open-air hotel was launched in Switzerland by two brothers who believe that the surrounding mountain landscape is their imaginary hotel building. The Null Stern Hotels, which is German for “Zero Star Hotels”, boast that the only star is their guest. The idea is to allow guests to get up, close and personal to nature.

15.07 - null-sterm-hotel

The brothers have signed up local farmers who work as butlers and wake up the guests with a cup of coffee and salami sandwiches. For guests who may be slightly more reserved about their toilet usage, they can find public toilets and a washroom 10 minutes away.

The open-air hotel is already bookable from spring to late autumn, however, cancellations can be made last-minute if rain is forecast. Those lucky enough to stay during clear weather can look forward to steeping mountain views and skies full of stars.

Written by: Downland Bedding Posted on: 15th July 2016